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Gigantum is a platform for discovery, collaboration and reproducibility that simplifies life for researchers and data scientists. By leveraging ideas and tools from software development and DevOps, it automates the configuration, versioning, and containerization tasks crucial to robust and transparent sharing of code and data.
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Share. Re-use. Extend.

The Gigantum data science platform makes it easy for you to share your digital analysis with collaborators and the world. It lets you work with your own tools and in your own environment, and still bundle everything that someone would need to easily run your code and explore your work on their machine. The platform captures and integrates all changes to environment, code, and data in a versioned repository, letting anyone recreate and extend your work without a complicated set up or a virtual machine.

Accessible. Seamless. Flexible.

Gigantum runs both locally and in the cloud, saving you money without sacrificing scale. It provides a seamless experience from laptop to cloud, and integrates with common development and computational environments so that you can do your exploratory analysis and computation as you always have. You don’t need to navigate a complicated GUI or learn a new API. Just do your work normally while Gigantum automates the tasks needed to preserve and share what you did.



Gigantum captures the entire lineage of your analysis and functions as a high-resolution time machine. It maintains a transparent, interactive history of changes to environment, code, and data so that you can freely experiment without losing your work. When finished, you can browse the outputs and recreate the conditions leading to any of them—and so can your collaborators.


Our platform allows for seamless reproduction and exploration, either on a laptop or up in the cloud. Gigantum’s one click access and sharing lets reviewers and readers immediately interact with an analysis rather than just download code from a static archive. Using our platform, readers can dive right in to any stage of an analysis, alter it, execute, and then explore the consequences.


By bundling data, code, and environment into a portable repository, Gigantum allows program managers to capture and explore the entirety of the research they fund. It simplifies the handoff and preservation of code and data, providing a portable and executable repository for testing, verification, and even extension—all possible without complicated setup or configuration.

Gigantum guarantees that every analysis, dataset, and result is accessible, reproducible, and extensible at anytime, everywhere.

We are looking to add creative, independent problem solvers to our team. Interested in joining?

At Gigantum, you will build and test production quality, open source software, and your experience and knowledge will have an impact on the directions we take. If you love science, have professional experience, and want to work with the newest tools and technologies then contact us!

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